Blue Marvel plans for the MCU

A Mikey Sutton Scoop

The MCU might just be adding another scientific genius, and he’s a true Marvel. A Blue Marvel, in fact.

There has been speculation brimming for the Blue Marvel. A part of it is wishful thinking; the character has quite the cult following which has skyrocketed back-issue prices of his comic debut, Adam: Legend of the Blue Marvel No. 1, in 2008.

Then there’s also the casting of Carl Lumbly in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, which some feel is for the Blue Marvel and not Isaiah Bradley, the original black Captain America, the father of Patriot from Young Avengers. Again, speculation: nothing based on rumors, on gossiped conversations.

But when Blue Marvel appeared on a recent LTS here at the Lords, my radar went off: Where did that come from? As I answered on Letters from the Longbox before, the Blue Marvel was brought up as a possibility; however, there was no development I heard about. That is, until now. I don’t know if this a recent development or it’s simply been hidden this whole time. The Blue Marvel is among the characters beign seriously considered for the S.W.O.R.D. project on Disney+; whether that will be his MCU debut remains to be seen. I am told that the Blue Marvel is highly appealing to Marvel Studios on multiple levels.

First, he adds to the diversity Marvel Studios is seeking to expand; secondly, he is well-suited for the increasingly cosmic direction the MCU is headed in. In fact, there has been discussions of including him in the Annihilation movie, possibly teaming up with the likes of Nova and Adam Warlock.

Your fly in the ointment,

Mikey Sutton