Marvel/Disney makes Sony new offer for Spider-man!

Disney has made a new offer to Sony and are awaiting for them to accept or counter. The hope is that this is agreed upon by D23 so a huge announcement can be made for their renewal of vows. 

The details:
Six picture deal with Tom Holland and an option for a seventh. Three more Spider-Man films after the third; in essence, a new trilogy. The second trilogy will focus on Peter Parker’s college years including plans for him to meet and team up with Firestar and Iceman. The other three movies are two Avengers films in which Spider-Man will have a larger role and an appearance in The Fantastic Four, becoming friends with Johnny Storm.

Marvel Studios will helm and co-finance all Spider-Man-related movies for 30% of the full profit. Sony will distribute but Disney will acquire exclusive digital and online rights for Disney+ and affiliated TV networks.
Marvel Studios will helm and co-finance Spider-Verse live-action spin-offs under the same terms. Venom will relocate into the MCU. 

Sony will be given permission for TV live-action programs based on Spider-Verse properties.