Moon Knight coming to Marvel HULU!

It looks like Moon Knight has found a home — Hulu TV. In a tug of war between formats, as it stands right now, Moon Knight is headed to Hulu with his fellow “supernatural” freaks. The current plan is to have Moon Knight lead the Spirits of Vengeance crew of Ghost Rider, Helstrom, Satana, Man-Thing, and others.

Moon Knight was originally going to be in Season Two of Iron Fist; however, once Marvel knew they would pull the plug on Netflix for Disney+ and Hulu following the Fox deal, they replaced him at the last minute with fellow schizophrenic mercenary Typhoid Mary. (Watch the show again and imagine Moon Knight with her dialogue and situations.)

Disney doesn’t see Moon Knight with major box-office appeal unless Keanu Reeves is playing him. The Spirits need a leader with military training. And Moon Knight is weird enough to be their Nick Fury. Moon Knight is being developed to debut on the Werewolf By Night TV series for Hulu.

Moon Knight made his debut in Marvel Comics in Werewolf by Night issue #32. A book that has been steadily on the rise in price over the last 3-4 years.