Original “Defenders” being discussed at Marvel Studios

Original Defenders Team of Dr. Strange, Namor and Hulk

By Mikey Sutton
Since Netflix still has the rights to their streaming Defenders, Marvel Studios cannot touch those characters until those expire in the near future. But while they intend on bring them all back on either FX or Hulu (that hasn’t changed), the Defenders, as a group, might return with different faces.

Their original ones.

Discussions have begun on taking the Defenders — THE Defenders — to the big screen. The Avengers will have its roster shaken up. Obviously, Captain America and Iron Man are gone. But plans currently are to transport Doctor Strange and the Hulk in a team of their own. A loose collective of individuals with freakish villains.

Yes, brainstorming has started on Doctor Strange forming the Defenders with the Hulk, the Silver Surfer, and Namor. Now Namor and Strange will be in the Illuminati as well, but that’s not a team, just a secret group of individuals.

The Defenders is; however, there’s no structure, and they might not even call themselves the Defenders. However, there’s no mistaking who is the leader and star of this group. This is Strange in the Marvel Spotlight.