Black Bolt and The Inhumans planned for MCU Debut.

The Inhumans are coming to the MCU

His scream can slice cities in half, an alien wail that, with enough intensity, has the decibel crush of the sky’s cries as if they are slashed by God.

When a group of explorers rocket into his hidden city in the Himalayas, Black Bolt launches a ferocious attack on the ship’s crew, the Fantastic Four. Reed Richards and his wife Sue; her brother Johnny Storm; and Reed’s best friend Ben Grimm, find themselves in the cockpit of an exploding jet. Sue quickly envelops her family with a force field to protect them, but they quickly adapt into action. Johnny flames on, his body on fire as he soars down to fight the surprised enemy below.

But Blackagar Boltagon is not alone. He has a family of his own, a Royal one. Medusa; Crystal; Gorgon; and Triton. All in full costume, in their Jack Kirby glory. Marvel TV once attempted a no-budget take on the Inhumans. It went nowhere, fizzling fast. The current plan is to recast and reboot the Royal Family; all the build-up from Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. will finally pay off.

It’s unknown exactly where the Royal Family will debut in the MCU first, but they are planning on having them appear in Fantastic Four 2. Long-range goals have always been the Marvel Studios way. Discussions begin years in advance before directors or screenwriters are hired. And that’s where the Inhumans are at the moment, waiting in the Himalayas of the imagination before the sound that can be heard around the world.

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