Marvel wants Silk Disney+ Series

Spider-Man is Big Business. The tug of war between Sony and Disney for Spider-Man in the MCU resembled a comic-book version of Kramer vs. Kramer, a divorcing couple battling over their child. But time and money heals all wounds but so does common sense. There was never truly any possibility of Spider-Man being pulled from the MCU as that relationship greatly benefits both parties.

Any angst between Sony and Disney since then has faded in the shadows. The Morbius trailer was flirting with MCU connections, and rumors have spread, including my own, of the two dancing with each other in perfect harmony. Sony’s been quiet about their plans for Spider-Man spin-off TV programs for almost a year now. According to my sources, talks have continued for Spider-Man shows for either Disney+ or Hulu, depending on the content. I scooped Spider-Man 2099 already but there’s another that I know has been discussed: Silk.

Silk would be a prize for Disney+, a live-action Spider-Man show with a young female Asian lead. It ticks all of the right demographic boxes for Disney+. And, for Sony, which wants to launch a Spider-Verse of TV programs, it’d be a huge win, especially having it set in the MCU.

As Sony and Disney continue to deal, insiders have told me that it will be business as usual until the inevitable happens: Sony Pictures Entertainment is sold. Sources indicate that SPE will most likely be sold in two years with the suitors being Apple; Netflix; ViacomCBS; and Disney, despite their public statement of no new acquisitions in the near future.

It doesn’t matter who they marry. What Sony has with Spider-Man is a licensing agreement, and the rights will revert back to Disney if they are purchased. The global pandemic may be slowing progress; however, destiny will loosen itself from this tangled web.