X-Men and Nova movie titles revealed

X-men and Nova movie titles reveled

By Mikey Sutton

I have discovered that the tentative titles for two upcoming theatrical movies. These might change as it’s incredibly early, but they are Nova: The Human Rocket and The Uncanny X-Men.

No screenwriters or directors are attached to these films yet so everything is considered early development. Sources tell me that Nova will not be an origin story in the sense that Richard Rider is already Nova in the beginning of the film training with S.W.O.R.D. and Nick Fury.

Discussions have taken place on how Rider will be different than the MCU’s other youthful male super-hero, Peter Parker. Rider is going to be a stranger in a strange land, essentially an alien on Earth. He has lost his family due to Thanos and will need to adapt to life on another planet with superpowered new friends. It will be up to the creative team to take that theme and wrap it in an entertaining, uplifting package.