An article from Variety quotes Sony Pictures chairman and CEO Tony Vinciquerra saying that “the door is closed” with Spider-Man being in the MCU.
However, his exact quote is “for the moment the door is closed.” This hasn’t stopped numerous comic sites from throwing down the apocalypse.
According to report from Mikey Sutton, nothing at all has changed.

He’s lying, Sutton wrote on Facebook.

As I mentioned before, this is called The Takeaway. It’s a business method; I’ve done it before. He’s putting pressure on Disney to accept an inferior deal by negotiating through social media and the press. They denied talking to Disney with the first deal, too. And let’s not forget Fox also said they were through talking to Disney before they were purchased. And AGAIN there’s that lie stating Kevin Feige is too busy. It’s always been from Sony claiming that, to rid themselves of the blame should a new deal not go through.

If you want to believe this man and the rage-clicking sites which will follow, be my guest. Panic all you want.

And, should you decide to do that, study up on businesses and what they do in negotiations. This is 101.

I’m sticking to my intel, thank you. And, quite frankly, this is nothing different from what Sony was saying not too long ago. Compare them. Just different words.

The key lines here are “For the moment.” Of course, what many will remember is “the door is closed.” In other words, they haven’t reached a deal yet.

Same as it ever was.

To further prove his point, Sutton posted an article from Bloomberg on November 6, 2017 claiming that the Fox-Disney talks were “dead.” This was right before Disney bought Fox, Sutton said. The words are similar. Look it up. The key lines are “for the moment.” They are still working on it. Nowhere did the CEO say, “It’s completely over.” This is the same message Sony was putting out a week ago but with different wording.