Lords of the Long Box Secret Wars scoop as next “Endgame” level MCU Event!

Kevin Feige’s next endgame is Secret Wars per several insiders who reveal this is his current plan. As in the past, everything is fluid with Marvel Studios. Civil War was a last-minute addition and, more recently, Blade, Secret Wars will secretly build from film to film with Annihilation happening in the middle of it all with Galactus.  The Earth will be divided into different battlegrounds. Everything from Wakanda to Atlantis to Latveria. Each in a “pocket universe.” 
Secret Wars is being mapped out in a Lord of the Rings-styled trilogy…with a twist.  For the first time ever, we will see cinematic tie-ins like in the comic books such as Secret Wars itself. Solo and team movies will have fights not in the trilogy.

Dr. Doom will take over Europe.

The Mandarin will control Asia.
And the U.S.? It’ll belong to the Red Skull with U.S. Agent becoming a fascist Hydra traitor.
With three pictures and several tie-ins, all hands on deck. The former Netflix heroes and Hulu horrors will be involved.
The movies will mash up both the Jim Shooter and Jonathan Hickman versions of the series. It’ll most likely be a decade before this comes to pass but seeds will be planted in the films until then.