Initial plans for X-Men MCU debut revealed

"All New, All Different" roster of X-men planned for MCU Debut

Marvel Studios’ plans for the X-Men are in the earliest stages of development. The mutants are indeed coming to the MCU and will be introduced Avengers style in other characters’ films.

According to inside sources, they are currently looking at the initial line-up of the X-Men to include Cyclops, Marvel Girl, Thunderbird, Nightcrawler, Sunfire, Havoc, and Storm, who is from Wakanda. Wolverine will still be Weapon X and in confinement.

Kevin Feige wants an all-new, all-different approach, at least somewhat, compared to what Fox did for so long. Feige is looking at focusing the team as a school, with some students joining Professor X on missions while others still studying and training, essentially a Hogwarts for mutants. But the seriousness of what they do is brought to the surface when, spoiler alert, Thunderbird is killed during a trip to Krakoa.

As no scripts have been written as of yet, there is only brainstorming and discussions at this point but this is reportedly where they are at present time.

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  1. Interesting how rumored Gambit, Excalibur and Weapon X series will lead to X-Men movie?
    Do you think rumored D+ series will arrive before First X-Men movie?

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