The future of Swamp Thing on CW

By Mikey Sutton

The saga of the Swamp Thing has been a sad one. His co-creators, writer Len Wein and artist Bernie Wrightson, recently passed away. His first director, Wes Craven, who helmed his silver-screen debut, is gone, and so is Dick Durock, the man who initially played him. To make matters worse, Swamp Thing’s TV series from parent company DC Universe, was yanked from the streamer after a single season.

But there is a light and it never goes out. The CW has picked up the show’s only season to re-air on the network. What may seem to simply be a way to have fresh programming after the C-virus shut productions is actually more than that. The CW is interested in the series. Supernatural ended after a whopping 15 seasons on the CW, and they are curious to see if Swamp Thing can garner even close to that program’s large and loyal cult following among horror fans. Swamp Thing wasn’t a bust; it was critically acclaimed and loved by fans. Its shocking cancellation was for budgetary reasons, for the most part. The CW sees potential in the show crossing over into their DC pocket universe launched by the late Arrow, one that already includes John Constantine, who debuted in the muck-encrusted creature’s comic book in the ’80s.

Of course, in order for that to happen, the series would have to fall under the wing of superproducer Greg Berlanti and be retooled. However, there’s no chance of that happening if Swamp Thing doesn’t perform well. Thankfully, the CW grades on a curve; what is small potatoes ratings for ABC, NBC, and CBS are a feast for the CW. If Swamp Thing can get close to the ratings for The Flash, for example, which is pale compared to the Big Three, it’ll be hard for the CW to let it die. It may be only a matter of time for Swamp Thing to be adopted into this new home like when Supergirl flew from CBS to the CW.

Your fly in the swamp,
Mikey Sutton